Cityscape in B&W - captured at the St. Louis Zoo

Sunset At The St. Louis Zoo

Depth Dimension Lines Motion Curves Light Shadow & Color - Cityscape captured on an evening stroll thru downtown Dallas at the First Baptist Church

St. Louis Iconic Landmarks - The Gateway Arch, Old Courthouse and the Running Man Sculpture

Beautiful Stairway to Casita Turquoise in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Stormy Night Over The Gateway Arch - Shot of the St. Louis Riverfront and the Gateway Arch National Park from the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

The Majestic Theatre in Dallas - The historic theatre opened in 1921 as a vaudeville house.  Last remnant of Theater Row in Downtown Dallas, now serves as a performing arts and concert venue.

Neon! Captured on a photowalk in the historic Loop area of University City in St. Louis

Giotto's Bell Tower & Duomo di Firenze.  The magnificent Cathedral of Florence Italy.  I was perusing Harold Davis' most recent book on black & white photography, and was inspired by his very similar photo of this subject.

Santa Fe New Mexico Bell Tower - The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi built between 1869 and 1886

St Louis Cityscape in the Historic Loop

St. Louis Skyline at Sunset

Sunset Over The Mississippi River & the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

St. Louis Skyline at Sunset

St. Louis Skyline at Sunset in B&W

Happy Holidays!

Bar Ambiance - Cool colors, lighting & art in a bar on Siesta Key - The Hub Baja Grill

Cool Privacy Wall - Found in an eclectic area of Sarasota called McClellan Park

Nostalgia, music, food and beer - The Whole Band's steel guitar player has a '78 VW van.  The band sets up on the patio  with the van as a backdrop at Pi 3.14 Pizza on Siesta Key

Seawall Graffiti - at south end of Crescent Beach on Siesta Key

Main Street, Belleville IL while at Art On The Square

The Gateway Arch and The Old Cathedral in St. Louis

Street Photography in downtown St. Louis

Colorful in Multiple Ways - street photography in Downtown St. Louis

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