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My photographic journey began about 19 years ago when my daughters were in high school and I became their tennis teams' de facto photographer.  I immediately fell in love with photography and have been experimenting, learning, growing and sharing ever since.  I now create images with a variety of styles and genres.  While much of my focus is now on landscape, seascape, cityscape and travel photography, as you explore my portfolio you'll also find nature, sport, night and low light, astro, macro, floral, concert & event, product, and portrait and studio photography.  I love all of them!  This isn't a job, it's a passion. It is a real pleasure to capture the beauty that surrounds us and share it with you.
I have been and continue to be a voracious learner via many resources.  Through clubs, courses and activities, I have participated in numerous photo walks, and attended sessions on studio lighting and modifiers, framing, photo critiques, post-processing and retouching.  I also acquired a Digital Certificate in Photography from St. Louis Community College and earned the designation as an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS6.  I follow numerous photographers and blogs, view online webinars and videos, and read many books and magazines on a wide variety of topics and genres.
I recently added the "Shop" link above which will bring you to the site from where I now sell my photography (Fine Art America/  If you see other photography here that you'd like to get a print of, or if you prefer custom options or sizes that are not available for my prints there, please contact me.  And if you do purchase something from my Fine Art America/Pixels galleries, please do reach out to me to share your experience and how you like the product.
You can contact me via the contact link above, or email me at

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You can also find my photography via the links  above on

I recently started a blog ( which is accessible via the link above.  With this I hope to go beyond what you'll find in my galleries.  I'll share what I'm reading and learning from others, discuss equipment and software, and provide portfolio insights, going "behind the shot" of some of my photos.

Lastly, I have recently been experimenting with VERO as a potential alternative to Instagram.   Check me out there.   Adobe Portfolio has not yet incorporated a social media icon that I could add along with the other links on my site here.  So you can access my photography on VERO via apps that you can add to your PC and phone, or you can use your browser and this URL:                                         ( 

                                                       Nikon D750 & D850
                                                       6 lenses (2 prime & 4 telephoto,
                                                              with a 1.4x teleconverter, covering
                                                              15mm through 700mm)
                                                       2 speed lights
                                                       Travel & monster tripods
                                                       Countless other accessories 

Contributing Photographer, The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals
St. Louis Photography Club
Studio Creative
Missouri Nature & Environmental Photographers (MoNEP)
Photo Flood St. Louis
St. Louis Artists' Guild - Photography Section

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